Introducing Chronicles

Introducing Chronicles

Today we’re launching Chronicles, an interview-driven editorial companion to Jauntful. We focus on one place at a time, exploring a kaleidoscope of perspectives, illustrating the complexity and beauty of each place through the stories of the people who live there.  

We hope you come away with a deeper sense of place and a greater feeling for the interplay between people, place and culture—reasons that compel many of us to travel.

Sense of place. When you find yourself in one of the places we’ve covered, these first-person perspectives will help you become a more active visitor, moving you from a tourist engaged in simple consumption to a more informed participant with a deeper appreciation for the people you encounter.

People, place and culture. Each city is compelling in its own way, a patchwork of disparate influences: direct and indirect, historical and contemporary. We want to explore the cultural inheritance that makes each place unique and deliver you to what really matters: our connection to one another.

By engaging with our diverse perspectives—wondering and wandering together—we hope you feel more connected to these places, like you belong, and not just passing through.

We begin in Copenhagen.

Happy travels,


Thank you to the many people who contributed to Chronicles: Robiee Ziegler, Sarah Sudar, Isabella Sayyah, John Poisson, Andrew Nimmo, Sheena Nam, Robert Murdock, Jasmine Kitses, Frederik Hoegh-Christensen, Raphael Grignani, Emily Goldberg, Maxime Cony. And the people who shared their lives with us so we could share them with you.